Coldwell Banker United’s Raffle

Coldwell Banker United held a raffle and yard sale to support the “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” and this is the set that we donated for such a wonderful cause. This design was a first for Brilliant-Boards and we are considering adding it as a choice if the demand is there for it. We wanted to find a way to reduce costs but still offer all the bells and whistles that our original set has, so what we decided is to reduce the labor time and use the same material. The original set has the plywood inlaid into the maple sides that is what takes the longest to complete, so we chose a 3/4″ birch plywood instead of 1/2″ and let it overhang the sides , as 1/2″ wouldn’t be durable overhanging the sides. By doing this it cut our fabrication and assembly time considerably. Then we were concerned with the edges getting damaged while nested and stored, so we glued a vinyl insert all the way around the perimeter to protect them. I believe we’ve created another set of Brilliant-Boards! Let us know what you think!